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Adria Caravans, Motorhomes & Campervans

Living in motion.

European holidays redefined with the Adria RV range. If you've got a taste for European luxury then the world renowned Adria range is for you. Crafted in Slovenia, the Adria motorhome, campervan & caravan range has been designed to conquer Australian travel conditions. Adria truly encapsulates European class and Australian durability. 

Imported by Apollo, not only do you get the quality assurance by a leading global RV giant, but with Apollo's support. 

Adria Motorhomes are intelligently designed and uses the best construction methods and materials available for RV manufacturing. Thanks to their construction methods, these motorhomes are rugged and offer a solid real world performance. These innovative motorhomes sport contemporary interior designs and are packed with smart features.

A serious advantage to the impressive Adria caravan range is the weight factor. Adria leads the way in light-weight caravans, with attractive tare weights that are compatible with several SUVs. Ask our team if your car is capable of towing an Adria caravan. 

Adria Mobil pay huge attention to detail while designing their caravans. Every centimetre counts and everything should be in the right place. These caravans are designed for living. Packed with features that will make your caravanning experience more enjoyable and safe, these caravans are perfect for even the toughest Australian conditions.